When most individuals think of donating to their local food pantry, they think of cans of corn and beans and other non perishable foods. While these items are always welcomed, what many do not realize is the equally important need for non-food items that are not typically covered by assistant programs.

The Triangle Area Food Pantry of Wake Forest decided to change this through their Love for Ladies program. This program was designed specifically to educate others on the needs of women. Women who are struggling financially are often forced to stay home from work or school because they do not have the proper attire for their menstrual periods and are forced to use alternative, and often unsanitary methods. This can not only impact their confidence, it can make it extremely difficult to even function during this time.

In December, Bloom Wake Forest decided to lock arms with the TAM Food Pantry to give back to the community and help bring awareness to this great program. As women professionals, we understood not only the impact of employees missing time, but just as importantly we understood the need for having the proper products to allow us to maintain our dignity and function during such a vulnerable time that only women know.